A. Faye

Hey there! My name is Alex, or Faye! So, yeah, uh. I'm an adult, I use they/them, and I'm in the timezone of PST.
I'm also autistic, and I write a lot, and writers I know keep telling me to get Twitter, so... yeah. Here I am!

I write a little bit of everything! Prose, plays, poetry sometimes, it all tickles my fancy at least a little.
Enjoy hangin' out! Also, press the buttons below to read about my current novels in progress.

AUBADE is my first novel, and one I'm currently sharing with beta readers and critique partners before I send it out into the world. It was featured in #TeenPit a few years back, when I was in high school.

Queen Linnea Lyri was raised for fight. When her mother perishes, she’s the last force between her nation’s survival and a demigod cursed with madness.
One problem: she’s not who she was supposed to be. No powers, no memories, even her own OCD taking her by surprise. She’s uncomfortable, she’s upset, and she’s afraid out of her wits.
Yeah, they’re fucked.

Standing at just under 100,000 words, AUBADE is an #ownvoices story about a nonbinary lesbian with OCD, her found family, and the consequences of relying on concepts like "fate" and "destiny," pressing those onto youth, as well as an exciting subversion of the "chosen one" trope.

More information coming soon.

Tether Witch is a YA/NA speculative tale about a bunch of college students with mysterious powers that allow them to manipulate the minds of others, in fascinating ways.

Gabriella Martinez is starting her second year in community college, and like many, she has a side hustle. Just so happens that her side hustle is mediumship. She's never questioned it: why question such a gift?

When Internet activist TJ Watson is murdered, she steps up in hopes of helping to find the culprit. As it turns out, though, TJ's death and the origins of Gabby's powers may be linked.

More information coming soon.

Here's some of my previously published work!

International Scholastic Writing Awards: Two Gold Keys (Poetry and Fantasy) (2018)
International Scholastic Writing Awards: Silver Key (Overall transcript) (2018)
#TeenPit: Semi-Finalist (2018)
artsUNITE (2021)
Care Collective Zine (2021)
We Were Here Zine (2021)
WMN Zine (2021)
The Peak (various articles) (2020-2021)
FORM Storybook (2021)
Gateway Theatre (2021)
Cotyledon Poetry Collection (2021)
Flaming Balloon Press (2020)
Train River Publishing: Summer 2020 Poetry Anthology (2020)
Polar Expressions (2018)
Vancouver is Awesome (2018)
Infectious Love: Writer (Webseries, 2020)

FREAKSPOTTERS is my free-to-read webnovel, which I'm completing mostly for fun and to hone my craft while getting feedback from readers. I don't take it as seriously as my other projects, but that doesn't mean I don't love it with all my heart!

Five girls start a club for hunting down the strange and unusual. Rampant lesbianism, loss of humanity, and similar shenanigans ensue.
Maybe the real supernatural encounters were the friends they made along the way.